Furious Lampard addressed Raheem Sterling England potential snub and here is what he said about it

Furious Lampard addressed Raheem Sterling Englandpotential snub and here is what he said about it.

Raheem Sterling could be left out of England squad due to the fact that he have performed very poorly for Chelsea in the past few months and the place they are about to finish the league is not very impressive but Lampard have backed him.

The experienced winger has not shown his best form since arriving from Manchester City in the summer.

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Sterling has lost his place in the England squad, despite being a previous favorite of manager Gareth Southgate.

Asked about Sterlng, Lampard told reporters this week: “I don’t know the exact details of the conversation between Raheem and Gareth [Southgate] and where that is at all.

“All I do know is that Raheem is a top-level player that has played for England for a lot of time. From my personal memories of playing for England for many years, I know sometimes these games at the end of the season are different challenges compared to individuals who have played a lot of games, a lot of minutes.

“So if there’s a mutual conversation between the two of them then I’m sure they will find the right outcome – best for England, best for Raheem.”

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