Chelsea’s creative star struggles in a crowded midfield position

Chelsea’s creative star struggles in a crowded midfield position

Cole Palmer’s versatility has been incredibly useful for Chelsea this season, but it has its limits.

Whenever we’re a midfielder short – and that’s happened a lot this season – We use one of our spare wingers and bring Palmer into a more central playmaking role.

Last night was further proof that it’s not his ideal position however, and we must do all we can to keep him where he’s most effective.

Even against last night’s lower league opposition, Palmer struggled to find space and create in the middle of the pitch. His biggest assets were stifled, and he had a very quiet game compared to when he’s used out wider.

It was just a consequence of the injuries we have, but Christopher Nkunku can’t come back soon enough. Palmer and therefore the whole team suffer when he’s played through the middle, and Mauricio Pochettino will know that as well as anyone.

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