Wolves boss Lopetegui blasts Frank Lampard Chelsea and berate what Chelsea can do; Here is what he said

Wolves boss Lopetegui blasts Frank Lampard Chelsea and berate what Chelsea can do; Here is what he said.

So Chelsea will be facing Wolves this afternoon and it was supposed to be all shades of fear for Wolves but they are not even looking any shaken by Chelsea as they believe they will win the match quite easily.

And they could, given the fact that Chelsea has had a very poor form in the recent days and anyone can easily beat them.

Talking about Chelsea clash today, Wolves coach have lots to say and he started with;

Lopetegui said, “First of all, I’m sorry for Graham Potter, but welcome to the new coach Frank Lampard. We have to put the focus on ourselves, our team. Chelsea’s is maybe one of the best squads in the world, top players in all the positions, a lot of top players. Of course, it’s a new coach, we don’t know if he’s going to change anything or not, but it’s not under our control. We have to put the focus on our work.”

“It’s very different, it’s a new team, a new time. It’s the same coaches, Frank and me, but it’s a different moment, with different teams, so it’s going to be different.

“We don’t know what he wants to change, but we know the kind of players Chelsea have and, of course, the quality as a coach Frank has. We prefer to be ready, to have our game plan. We put the focus on our daily work, to be ready to play against one set up or a different set up against a fantastic team as Chelsea.

“I can’t lose a lot of time thinking what’s going to happen [to Chelsea’s team] because we don’t know. We have to be ready to do our best and try to be very close to perfection. If you want to play these kinds of matches, you have to be very close to perfection in all the facets of the play – the offensive and defensive please, set pieces, each little detail is going to be key so we have to be ready.”

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