Will Sterling be in the first team? Frank Lampard opens up about his plans for Sterling upon his return

Will Sterling be in the first team? Frank Lampard opens up about his plans for Sterling upon his return.

Being saddled with lots of injuries at all times and even at the time of writing this content, he is out of the team partially as he makes a full recovery but he comes back to the team once a while and when Lampard was asked his plans for Sterling in the first team as he came back now here is what he said.

On those comments and Sterling, Lampard told reporters: “No. I don’t know Raheem that well. I played with him in England squads. In the period gone I’ve come across him a few times.

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“I think he’s a young lad as we want out young men and women in the game to speak openly and honestly, and he’s not just spoken that one Newsnight interview you pulled out from two years ago; he’s spoken regularly on really good matters in how he sees. If I were to speak to him I would pat him on the back for being that way, whether he said a statement regarding myself or not.

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“I understand he would do it from absolutely the right point and the right idea. And, of course from his eyes, my eyes as a 44-year-old coach here are different to Raheem Sterling’s eyes and I would be more than interested to hear what he sees about the world.

“That’s one of the joys working in football, the dressing room, the travel, the talk on the training ground. I’ve clearly got no problem with that.”

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