Video: €126m man hopes for Chelsea transfer seems to shatter; Joao Felix opens up on Chelsea future

Video: €126m man hopes for Chelsea transfer seems to shatter; Joao Felix opens up on Chelsea future.

Joao Felix have opened up about his future at Chelsea and he is not thinking this will look more better as it is not fully clear now if he will be staying at Chelsea or not but the probability leans more to the side that he might not stay.

We’re not sure how happy he could possible be given we’ve lost almost every game since he arrived and he has played less and less as two different managers have tried him and been frustrated by him in the space of a few months, but perhaps he just likes life in London.

“I don’t know yet my future, but these four or five months [ at Chelsea], I’ve loved it. It’s a top club. Everyone in the club was very good to me. My team-mates, unbelievable. I really like to be here,” the Portugal star said.

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More than anything, he has to worry about whether Chelsea want to and can afford to keep him, rather than if he wants to stay. Perhaps that’s why he’s reticent to be too open and too forceful in his desire to stay put – he knows he’s more likely to be at Atletico Madrid or Newcastle next year, and doesn’t want to be seen as having been stuck with a second choice.

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A lot could hinge on these last two games, although having been stuck on the bench for the last few fixtures, his prospects don’t look great. The attacker once bought for €126m now looks like a player teams are all trying to be rid of.

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