Tuchel Mocks Chelsea as they continue the fall on the EPL table; Here is what he said

Thomas Tuchel who was one man who carried Chelsea to the UCL finals and actually won it met a very bad fate when he was asked out of the club even when he begged for a second chance he got none.

After the sale of Chelsea last season a new management took over but they were not very pleased with the way Tuchel performed and this was the same time his wife left him and he was in a very bad place to manage Chelsea fully and he was pushed out for Potter to come in.

At first when Potter assumed the position everything looked promising and some signings were made but it is looking like as things are unfolding Chelsea fans are beginning to ask for their former Coach back.

It is no longer news to anyone who is looking that for every new match played Chelsea keeps going down the ladder in the EPL table and their next match is Manchester City which is not looking like a potential win for me.

Tuchel was saddened by the way he was asked out of the club and after the yesterday match he has taken his time to speak on the progress of Chelsea since he left and here is what he said;


  1. Indeed Tuchel is far much better than potter. If I’m asked to give my opinion I would say that Tuchel is a good coach and if he is given a chance we could always sing the song of the blues. We still love you Tuchel.

  2. Indeed Tuchel is far much better than potter. If I’m asked to give an opinion I would ask Tuchel back. If he is given a second chance we can ever sing the song of the blues.

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