“Thomas Tuchel as Chelsea coach vs Graham Potter as Chelsea coach” all you need to know 

Check former boss, Thomas Tuchel got sacked due to a countless number of matches lost. A few weeks after getting sacked, Chelsea’s new owner Todd Beohly and co-owner appointed a new club head Graham Potter.

Following Graham Potter’s appointment, he has lost close to the same number of matches as Thomas Tuchel.

Eplfantasy.com.ng has gathered some useful information on Graham Potter and Thomas Tuchel’s performance as Chelsea coaches and below are some statistics showing the two coach performance.

  • Thomas Tuchel’s first 10 Premier League matches as Chelsea head coach:

6 wins
4 draws
0 defeats
11 goals scored
2 goals conceded

Graham Potter’s first 10 Premier League matches as Chelsea head coach:

4 wins
3 draws
3 defeats
11 goals scored
10 goals conceded

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