Pochettino excitd about his Chelsea debut match against Liverpool as he said they will trash them

Pochettino excitd about his Chelsea debut match against Liverpool as he said they will trash them.

Chelsea kickoff the season at Stamford Bridge against Liverpool.

Pochettino told chelseafc.com: “It’s going to be exciting but while it’s close, it’s also still far away. First, we need to meet the players, start work, then the tour in America, which is going to be unbelievable to meet all the fans.

“We will be ready for the first game against Liverpool – and it is going to be so exciting to have the first Premier League game at Stamford Bridge.

“We will face a team that’s very good in Liverpool, I know very well from the past. Now it’s important to visualise ourselves at Stamford Bridge. We know very well the stadium and we know with the fans we will create a good atmosphere.”

He also said: “I know very well that we need to build this relationship. Our past is our past, we respect and are proud of our past, but now is time to build at a new club, with different fans that behave and are different to other clubs.

“That is our responsibility to build a very good relationship with our new fans. We hope we can create as soon as possible this good feeling, but I know very well we need to create this good feeling around the signals the team sends to them.

“We need to be team that shows togetherness, cares about the club, cares about the fans, and that fights until the end for the badge. That’s the most important thing. The fans need to feel that all the players involved in the game are going to die for the club. That is the most important thing to create this good feeling and for sure feel proud of each other.”

The Argentine also said: “I’ve already had some contact with fans on the street here in London and in Barcelona where I was. People are really excited about the future of the club, and we are excited too.

“What we can promise is to work hard and defend this shirt until the end. We are going to try do everything for them to feel proud and to show that we really, really care. That is what we can promise.”

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