Please do not leave Chelsea; Former Chelsea player and legend beg Mason Mount to stay

Please do not leave Chelsea; Former Chelsea player and legend beg Mason Mount to stay.

Former Chelsea player who is considered a legend have begged Mason Mount to consider staying at Chelsea and not leaving. In a long note here is what he said;

“I don’t understand what is going on with Mason,” Gallas told Genting Casino.

“It is very difficult for me to understand that situation. When Frank Lampard was there, followed by Thomas Tuchel, he had several great seasons.

“The contract speculation doesn’t help him, but I don’t know if it is a problem. Even if you are renewing your contract, that should be the job of your agent and you have to stay focused with what you are doing on the pitch.

“The best way to get what you want with your contract is to perform, it is that simple. It is not to be angry and to let your performances drop, the best thing to do is to perform. You have to show the board that they are wrong because you deserve to be in the starting XI, you deserve to stay at Chelsea and you deserve to get what you are asking for.

“You have to show it on the pitch, and if you do that, the fans will be with you so there will be more pressure on the club. The fans will protest and start to ask why isn’t Mason Mount getting what he asks for? They will pressure the board to give him that. That’s why he has to react in the right way.” 

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