Paul Merson; Chelsea will do everything not to qualify for the UCL next season and here is why

Paul Merson; Chelsea will do everything not to qualify for the UCL next season and here is why.

Chelsea is still occupying the 10th place in the EPL table and they are not looking to leave that spot just yet as they have stayed too long in that same position before but have never left.

Arguably, Chelsea do not have the squad to go off Europe with they will need more time to setup themselves and be very formidable as a team to be able to get started with Champions league again.

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Chelsea will definitely continue to aim high, of course, but Paul Merson expects that at some point, Chelsea would want to avoid finishing sixth or seventh, for which they may qualify for the UEFA’s third-tier competition.

Here is what Paul Merson said;

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“I think it’s going to get to a stage where they can’t want to get in the Europa Conference [League], surely,” Merson told Sky Sports (via Football Daily) when speaking about Chelsea’s season.

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“Why would you want to get in that on Thursday nights?

“Chelsea have got a squad together to go and try to win the Premier League, not play on Thursday nights in Magaluf.”

But would competing in this competition really be detrimental to Chelsea’s Premier League title hopes?

Bear in mind that Chelsea have plenty of young talents who would still benefit from this playing in this competition.

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