Only these two Chelsea players are responsible for Graham Potter sack; Angry Simon Jordan says

Only these two Chelsea players are responsible for Graham Potter sack; Angry Simon Jordan says.

Upon Graham Potter sack, people are saying that this is the fault of the players that he was sacked and many others are saying something quite different.

One of such persons is Simon Jordan and he has something to say;

Jordan said on talkSPORT: “It’s unfathomable [Chelsea haven’t signed a striker], isn’t it? For all of us sitting across this table, for the whole football fraternity, it’s almost beggar’s belief.

“But it doesn’t excuse the fact that Man City didn’t have a centre-forward and they scored hatfuls of goals last year. So why can’t Havertz score some more goals?

“Why can’t Sterling chip in with some more goals when he’s fit? Why can’t the players that are perfectly capable of scoring goals in this side, score some goals?”

Havertz is Chelsea’s leading scorer this season with nine goals to his name. Seven of those have come in the league, while Sterling has just four goals in 19 league outings since joining from Manchester City last summer.

He added: “He’s not the football nouse. He’s not trawling through Rothman’s guide of football players going ‘I’ll buy him, I’ll buy him’.

“Someone in that football fraternity, that football mafia, which is either the director of football or the coach himself going ‘excuse me Mr owner, I think you’re missing a trick here, I need a bleeding centre-forward’. You’d think someone would say that to him, wouldn’t you?”

However, Jordan has hit out at Boehly for appointing Potter in the first place. The pundit reckons the American tried to go against the norm at Chelsea but failed.

Jordan said: “I do believe he wanted to defy conventional wisdom, he wanted to countermand the orthodoxy of Chelsea, which is ‘if it doesn’t go right, he’s gone’. And everybody knew that Potter from the outset was going to struggle.

“It was a strange appointment from the outset because it looked like Todd Boehly got a progressive coach – Chelsea aren’t a progressive football club, they’re an instantaneous hit, or there’s a problem.”

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