Mauricio Pochettino will take his players and staff for dinner as punishment for his touchline ban

MAURICIO POCHETTINO must fork out thousands of pounds as an apology for copping a touchline ban today.

Chelsea’s boss is taking out his entire squad and staff for dinner after picking up three yellow cards for unruly behaviour this season.

Pochettino’s admission comes after he ‘fined’ bad boy Nicolas Jackson for getting suspended by sending the striker on a lengthy cross country run.

Pochettino said: “He knows why he had to run. And for me, I am going to pay for a dinner. I am going to pay for a dinner because I get suspended now and I cannot run.

“I would prefer to pay. I am taking the players and the staff. It will be a lot.”

Pochettino is banned from the dugout at St.James’ Park having been cautioned in games against Brighton, Burnley and most recently the 4-4 draw at home to Manchester City.

Chelsea’s Argentine coach lost his rag over a free kick decision in the final minutes and marched onto the pitch to confront ref Anthony Taylor.

Jackson sat out one match for picking up five yellow cards earlier in the season but Pochettino chose to hurt his player in the legs rather than the pocket.

Jackson said: “One day I was running and I didn’t know why. Maybe that was it. I was dead that day, I think that was my punishment,

“They just called me out to run. It was laps, it was really hard, the intensity, then I was lying down when I finished

Pochettino has not been hit with a touchline ban since 2019 when manager of Tottenham – picking up a £10K fine in the process.

Yesterday, he joked: “If Nicolas told you then he knows. He knows why.”

Pochettino swiftly apologised and admits managers need to show more respect to officials. But he also says coaches should be more involved in rule changes and given more time to take them on board.

He said: “We understand perfectly that their job is really tough. But the problem is, sometimes you get frustrated during the game, because of the VAR or things. And you cannot go and complain to the referee or the VAR. That is a problem.

“I am going to try to control my emotions more but I think it’s because of that. But all of the coaches respect referees because they are in a very difficult situation. Even in training sometimes when we have to decide whether it’s a foul or not a foul, it’s not easy

“We are frustrated because we were talking in the last managers meeting that the coaches need to be more involved in these decisions. And to work together. It’s not arriving the week before the start of the season to be told: “The new rules are this and this… Ok, what do you think?”

“Nothing – because you already made the decision! It’s not only one coach that thinks like this.

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