Many Chelsea players have become ‘increasingly unhappy’ at Chelsea in recent weeks; Here are the names

Many Chelsea players have become ‘increasingly unhappy’ at Chelsea in recent weeks; Here are the names.

Chelsea have had on of their worst seasons in a very long time now and it is not looking like this is going away anytime soon.

This has caused a lot of the players to get very increasingly paranoid at the club and they have been lashing out at every chance they get at anyone they could and this is evident when it comes to Aubameyang.

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It’s entirely normal when a team and a club is in the position that Chelsea are in right now that frustrations happen and players become unhappy, for many reasons. Chelsea cannot buy a win right now and their league position is hideous for a club who have endured the recent success that Chelsea have.

Things need to get better, make no mistake, but right now, it’s so easy to write that Chelsea players are unhappy. Of course they are!

The Daily Mail have a big article out on the situation and the leading story in it is just that – Some Chelsea players have become ‘increasingly unhappy’ at the club in recent weeks.

The report claims players are unhappy about the direction the club is headed under the Todd Boehly and Clearlake regime and a disastrous season has left a number of squad members privately questioning their futures at Stamford Bridge.

Cool, you know where the exit doors are, off you go!

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