Lampard’s uncle Harry Redknapp and cousin Jamie Redknapp defends him against Wolves loss; Here is what they said

Lampard’s uncle Harry Redknapp and cousin Jamie Redknapp defends him against Wolves loss; Here is what they said.

No sooner had Lampard returned to Chelsea and it was already business as usual as they continue loosing matches as they were before and the fans have already started taunting him for it but his Uncle and Cousin are coming to his rescue as should they.

Harry said: “They were poor! I’ve watched the game here, and it was a disappointing first half – they were awful.

“But what can you do, he’s had no chance to work with them players, he’s been there two days, so the players have to look at themselves.

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“You look at that group of players, they should never be losing, week in week out like they have done. Or lose too many games to be in the top four.”

Referring to their Champions League semifinal first-leg at Real Madrid, the former Spurs boss also said: “I think they’re perfectly [set] to set-up three up the back [great] wing backs Chillwell and James, you’ve got centre halves galore. I think they’re well set-up to play that way, because they’ve got to make sure they stay in the game first and foremost and give themselves a chance when they go back to Stamford Bridge.

“Stay in the game. If you get beat by the odd goal, you’re in the game. Don’t go over there and get hammered. Make it tight, keep it tight, be difficult to beat.

“What a great game to have. Everyone expects them to lose, Chelsea have got a big chance.”

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Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp, on the other hand, said: “The most important thing when you go to the Bernabeu is not not scoring goals, but not conceding, and give yourself a chance when you get them back in the second leg.”

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