Lampard opens up about the criticism of Chelsea owners by Chelsea fans; Here is what he said to fans

Lampard opens up about the criticism of Chelsea owners by Chelsea fans; Here is what he said to fans.

Chelsea fans have been upset with the new owners of Chelsea for lots of reason which firstly the way they run the club and how they let quality players go and sign very poor ones and Lampard have cautioned the fans about this and he said;

“I think it is too severe.

“There will be elements of truth to it because I think ownership change can bring that. At the same time, I remember being at Chelsea when Roman Abramovich came in and people were panicking as much as they were excited within the club. It was all, will I keep my job? Will I get in the team? Who will they bring in?

“I look back and 20-odd trophies later [it was a success]. Those trophies didn’t all come in the first year so I do think with change you have to have perspective and give it time to work.”

Lampard continued: “There is a lot to it. Brighton’s level of expectation is to stay in the Premier League and then it’s to try to move up the Premier League and you get a different timespan and run at it. Everyone will have different versions. I went to Manchester City for the last year of my career and it really opened my eyes to a different model to Chelsea and for me that was great.

“At Chelsea in my playing days obviously the manager turned over a lot and we fortunately had a squad that managed to win a lot of trophies. When I look back I feel disappointed we didn’t win more leagues with more consistency. I think we should have done so there are always both sides to that.

“I think probably when I went to Manchester City and joined the City Group as such before I went to New York, it just opened my eyes to a slightly different way of doing it in terms of the vision and the set up and how they were still working towards something that felt like a longer [term] goal. As opposed to Chelsea which was like ‘Change it!’. Result! ‘Change it!’ Results!

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“Both have worked in their different ways so I don’t think there is an exact model and I think it would be jumping the gun to claim now the owners are copying any model. Most models would have similarities that are successful and I think most are a process. We have seen it with Man City and we are seeing it with Arsenal. We have seen it with Brighton. Along the way maybe all of those models made some mistakes or some moves in the wrong direction and it’s how quickly you get back on track and keep driving in the right direction.

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“And the first thing for me I don’t know enough about this – I have joined and I’m focussed on coaching the team. The first thing is the intention and desire, and the intention to bring something good to this football club. When the changeover was happening I was outside working at Everton or before that. I have got a big interest in Chelsea. I was just thinking Chelsea now is Chelsea where it has got to. It needs to be taken again in a good direction.

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“We are a serious football club and the owners are that and now all the work begins because it is clearly in a position where we want to get better and so all the work has to be done on that front.”

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