Lampard makes a huge demand from Chelsea players ahead of the remaining EPL matches; Here are the demands

Lampard makes a huge demand from Chelsea players ahead of the remaining EPL matches; Here are the demands.

The Blues have seven Premier League games left after this week’s Champions League elimination and Lampard is not going easy on them for the remaining matches.

Speaking about the demands he has made from the players Lampard said…

“We now get little bits of period to work,” said Lampard.

“People from the outside might write that off and go ‘what does that mean if you’re coming eighth or 12th’, but for me, it means a lot. The challenge for me is to raise performance. Now I have some time to work.

“In that first hour against Real Madrid individuals and the team were performing at the level we want. We now can’t come away from that level. Brighton wasn’t the level we want. I said that after the game. We can’t be a team that turns up here but not there. We have to be competitive all the way through.

“There are players who are new here who are getting used to the club, which isn’t easy.

“We’ve seen some of the greatest players in the Premier League need some time when they first arrive. Sometimes they go into teams who are flying and they get put in and find their feet. So there’s a reason with some of our players there is a bit of transition.

“In terms of motivation, you’re playing for Chelsea. There are individual motivations throughout all the squad, and there’s a collective. It has to be we are absolutely competitive in everything we do, every day. To get into the team you have to show it.”

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Lampard wants to see a show of fight from Chelsea’s players for the remainder of the season.

“The Premier League is moving so fast, and the landscape changes. No team has a divine right to be in the top four. Lots of big clubs have spent time out of the Champions League.

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“To try and predict what will happen is pretty pointless, but we can set the building blocks now of where we want to get to. We want to get back to where we were, but the challenges are big. Everyone is doing the same, everyone is investing, everyone is getting better. Some clubs are more stable than we are in terms of the squad, so we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

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“We have to understand what it takes to get back,’ he added.

“I know what it takes from being here as a player for a long time. We have to set those standards high again. Only the work of the group and having a clear direction of where we want to go is the way. In my next seven games I will do my mini-version of that. If we can see performances rise it will give the fans some good feeling, and give us good feeling in the summer, which is as far as we can look.”

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