Lampard admits after yesterday’s loss that high paid Chelsea players still lack the “bare minimum”

Lampard admits after yesterday’s loss that high paid Chelsea players still lack the “bare minimum”.

Lots of people have said it before that Chelsea is buying very low quality players for high proces and Lampard just confirmed it after yet another loss yesterday.

The whole Brighton squad is not even up to the cot of half Chelsea squad and still Chelsea managed to loose against them so easily.

Frank Lampard said after the game that his players need to show more fight and they need to do the ‘bare minimum’ against Real Madrid on Tuesday if they want to stand any chance of getting anything at all. Yet I can only see more embarrassment coming.

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“Disappointing on every level,” Lampard said after losing 2-1 to Brighton on Saturday. “The better team won and could have won by more. They played like a team. They’re working together for a long time, give that credit.

“But it’s not good enough from our point of view. All the basic parts of football — to fight, to run, and those things — we were short on. We have to dig ourselves out of that very quickly.

“We’ve got a big game on Tuesday. There’s no point in being too down, but professionally we have to understand why today went the way it did. And it wasn’t good for us. We have to play with that energy and fight, that’s like the bare minimum. That’s up to us, in terms of the game on Tuesday.”

Quotes via ESPN. 

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