Jason Cundy; Chelsea will be “in a relegation battle” sooner if this is not done urgently; Here’s what he said

Jason Cundy; Chelsea will be “in a relegation battle” sooner if this is not done urgently; Here’s what he said.

It is not looking like Chelsea will be escaping the relegation zone this season after you take a look at their next matches lining up.

After yet another defeat in the league to Brentford last night, losing 2-0 at home, the gloomy feel amongst Chelsea fans has just increased even more, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

Things are absolutely hideous at this club right now from top to bottom, and the new owners, who have made numerous mistakes so far, have a massive uphill struggle to get Chelsea anywhere near challenging at the top again.

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Cundy, who is of course a host on talkSPORT these days and still a massive Chelsea fan, believes they could end up fighting relegation next season, which isn’t something anyone would be betting against at this point in time.

Speaking after defeat last night, Cundy said: “Whoever is in that dugout, it doesn’t matter. As a result club we’ve gone.

“I go there now thinking that if we get a corner we might be able to get a shot on target.

“We’re not going to score, we’ve got one goal in seven games and that was a deflected shot from Conor Gallagher.

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“We’ll lose against Arsenal, we’ve got Man City and Newcastle – the only other game where we could pick up points, is Forest when they come to Stamford Bridge.

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“They could come and beat us, it’s terrible!

“If they don’t get it right, Chelsea will be in a relegation battle next season.”

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