I feel sorry for Mykhailo Mudryk because he is not living up to his price tag; Ian Wright blasts Chelsea spending

I feel sorry for Mykhailo Mudryk because he is not living up to his price tag; Ian Wright blasts Chelsea spending.

Does this further go to prove that Chelsea usually buys players that are not worth the price they are bought for? And is Mykhailo Mudryk one of such players?

Ian Wright gives his detailed insight.

Before he moved to Chelsea he had only made 44 appearances for Shaktar and this is not a very good stat for a player that should be considered an A list player for Chelsea.

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Also he has struggled really hard with his chances with scoring since his arrival and this is beginning to take a toll on him this time around.

Although he has a monstrous speed, this does not happen to cut it at the end.

Pundit Ian Wright has branded the pressure that Mudryk’s transfer fee has brought him as “unfair.”

He suggests Leandro Trossard has been a much better January recruit for Arsenal, too.

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“They (Arsenal) didn’t get Mudryk and that might be the best thing that happened to them,” Wright’s said on Wrighty’s House Podcast.

“I don’t care what anyone says, Mudryk, and we’ve seen up to this point, he wouldn’t have done what Trossard has done what Trossard has been doing up to this point.

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“Mudryk, for his own sake, I do feel sorry for him because I don’t know if there’s anyone in the history of football whose had to have a transfer of that amount of money with so much politicalness around him. It’s almost unfair.” 

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