Here is why Zidane will never be going to Chelsea even with all the speculations around

Here is why Zidane will never be going to Chelsea even with all the speculations around.

Zidane is looking at Joining Chelsea but there are many constraints that may hamper hi coming to Chelsea and also considering the fact that Chelsea is now turning their attention to Luis Enrique.

Now, Petit, who won the World Cup with former Real Madrid coach Zizou, told RMC: “I may be wrong, but I don’t believe for a second in the rumour of Zizou going to Chelsea.

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“Zidane’s future doesn’t lie in England, it lies elsewhere. Zidane has openly said that he preferred a more polished and technical game. He does not speak English, even if I believe that he takes lessons. But a dressing room today is populated by several nationalities.

“Knowing his way of managing a locker room, he likes proximity, being interested in people before the player. And so you have to be able to communicate and speak the language.

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“In England, many coaches have been mocked in press conferences because they don’t didn’t speak the language, like in France too. After a while, that creates a gap in understanding.”

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