Here is why Mykhaylo Mudryk is getting special treatment from Chelsea; Jacobs told GiveMeSport

Here is why Mykhaylo Mudryk is getting special treatment from Chelsea; Jacobs told GiveMeSport.

Mykhaylo Mudryk is getting a preferential treatment from Chelsea coach Graham Potter and this is not what a lot of people want but the GiveMeSport pundits have explained why this have happened.

It was said that Mudryk is not just a regular player but a very special one.

Here is what was said and the claims;

Mudryk is viewed differently from other members of the Chelsea squad due to his “unique” mentality. Jacobs told GiveMeSport: “What Potter has done very well is appreciate that Mudryk is a different breed of footballer to others at the club and he’s played into his personality, which is ultimately very focused and unique.

“Mudryk is the type of player who wants to arrive early and leave late, he wants to do a lot of gym work, he wants to make instant impacts and sometimes run before he can walk.

“Potter is a great man-manager and has made sure he’s taken one-on-one time with Mudryk to explain what the transition to the Premier League is like and to justify times why he’s been left on the bench or out of the squad.”

Potter said: “Of course, every player wants to play and it’s important that players play to improve, I think that’s a fact. But at the same time, it’s not a straight road, it’s not just a play and everything happens in a linear way.

“Sometimes you have to take a step away. Sometimes you just need a bit of training time. Sometimes you need a breather. So there are a lot of factors.

“Hopefully, he can benefit from the time he’s had. And again, it’s not easy for him to just arrive in the middle of what was pre-season for him and to come into a new country, new club, new league, and just hit his absolute maximum level.”

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