Here is why Chelsea’s Graham Potter is yet to get sacked; Gary Neville has opened up

Graham Potter knows it is a matter of time before he got sacked from Chelsea and this last match could be the determinant of his sack or not.

Potter could still save his job if he won Tottenham in the coming days but the question is if this is really going to happen.

Chelsea may never win against Tottenham and this will call for immediate sack of Graham Potter unless Chelsea owners wants to get to the bottom of the EPL table first.

Here is what Gary Neville said;

The former Manchester United defender told Gary Neville Podcast that the former Brightin boss is currently under massive pressure which was made evident by Chelsea’s jeering him during Saturday’s defeat.

“Potter is under massive pressure. You can see it in his face. The boos at the end of the game, felt a little ominous,” Neville said.

“I think they’ll want to do the right thing, the Chelsea owners…”, Neville added, suggesting that recent investment they have made under Potter’s reign and the sacking of Thomas Tuchel are the reasons the former Brighton boss is still at Stamford Bridge today.

Chelsea invested over almost £600m in bringing in new players in the last two transfer windows.

The former Manchester United player advised the club’s owners against sacking the coach but added, “I suspect that nerve is being tested, as any owner would be when you’ve spent that level of money and you’re losing games at home to the (side) bottom of the league.”

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