Here is when Pochettino will start his first game for Chelsea and what the situation is like with Lampard

Here is when Pochettino will start his first game for Chelsea and what the situation is like with Lampard.

Pochettino will start his first game for Chelsea by next season and now he will work closely with Lampard while they are looking to make things work out perfectly for him.

He will also be looking at the players keenly and noticing some changes that he will be making as soon as he takes over the club.

Chelsea’s search was always being described as ‘exhaustive’, but it seems that Pochettino also very much did his due diligence.

According to insider Ben Jacobs writing in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea column for Si & Dan Talk Chelsea this week, Pochettino wasn’t keen on taking the Chelsea job before they hired Graham Potter.

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Jacobs also said that Pochettino interviewed Chelsea this time around as much as Chelsea interviewed him!

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Pochettino will now begin to collaborate with caretaker manager Frank Lampard from now until the summer, when he will officially start his role.

Jacobs said: “Incoming manager Mauricio Pochettino will be watching a number of players very closely. Although the Argentine won’t start until next season, he will collaborate with Frank Lampard between now and then.

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“Pochettino is an exciting appointment and the right fit for Chelsea. He was looked at in September prior to Graham Potter arriving. Potter was the first choice, and in any case Pochettino didn’t want the job. He was not fully sold on the vision back then.

This was because the recruitment team wasn’t in place, the summer window had shut and he had only recently left PSG. Now the timing is perfect. Pochettino interviewed Chelsea as much as they did him.”

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