Here is what Christian Pulisic said when asked about Napoli and AC Milan transfer rumours this Summer

Here is what Christian Pulisic said when asked about Napoli and AC Milan transfer rumours this Summer.

Pulisic is looking to leave Chelsea this Summer too and by the beginning of a new season he may no longer be a Chelsea player and as such he has many options in Europe too and here is what he said about joining any of the Italian sides.

“It’s been a really tough season for me personally and for our team of course at a club level,” Pulisic said at a USA presser today.

“So, for me it’s just about coming in here and having a fresh start and being able to be a part of a team that hopefully can come out and win some games.

“So, I’m really excited to be here and just to get some minutes on the field and just get back to being that confident player that I know I can be in and just find my footing again and just enjoying the game because it feels like it’s been tough to do that lately.”

He continued: “Obviously, it’s been an interesting journey at club level for me. I thought it was a great couple years and the last couple years just haven’t gone at all how I’ve planned them to be.

“And right now my focus is obviously here with the national team. I’m just excited to get back playing and just enjoy myself and do what I love to do out on the field. And from there, this summer, we’re obviously going to have to see what happens.”

On talk of interest from Napoli and AC Milan, Pulisic also said: “I don’t keep any social media on my phone anymore so I probably don’t see as much as you guys think I do. I don’t know what’s going on.

“People will text me sometimes and be like, ‘you’re going here?’ And I’ll be like, ‘I didn’t even know that.’ So, they know more than me most of the time.

“But I’m good man. My family is healthy and blessed. […] I’m happy to be here with the boys. I’m great and I’m excited to play with these guys this week.”

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