He doesn’t like to Spend money; Here is everything Ben Chiwell said about N’Golo Kante

He doesn’t like to Spend money; Here is everything Ben Chiwell said about N’Golo Kante

When you hear nobody can hate Kante, it is actually as true as it gets as Ben Chiwell have managed to confirm this with his hilarious Kante Joke.

Here is what he said;

“Obviously it’s very important that as a team, we do activities away from the training ground together,” the England international told Chelsea TV when speaking about team dinners.

“It’s probably good for team bonding.”

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Asked who usually picks up the bills for these dinners, Chilwell said: “I tell you this, there’s not one person who wants to pick up the bill.

“If it comes to me, of course I’ll pay, the same way everyone will.

“But the only way we really settle it is that we just put everyone’s card in a hat and then we get the waiter to take [the cards] out one at a time — like a roulette.

“The last card in there pays.

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“I think it was last Christmas when we went for a team meal… there were like 20-25 of us.

“The bill ended up coming to a lot of money and N’Golo ended up having to pay, which is the most hilarious thing because this guy does not like to spend money.

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“But it’s hilarious and stuff like that is good for the group, it brings everyone a bit closer and lifts the mood, especially when things aren’t going as well on the pitch.”

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