Graham Potter explains why Mykhailo Mudryk has not been playing for Chelsea; What he said

Graham Potter explains why Mykhailo Mudryk has not been playing for Chelsea; What he said.

Mykhailo Mudryk will benefit from time on sidelines, says Chelsea boss Graham Potter after a long game of not getting any minute.

Mykhailo Mudryk have spent time on the bench for a very long time now considering the fact that he is a very new player and should be getting the time by the standards of play.

But this has not been the case in a long time now and this is why he is not always in a good place so to speak happy with the club and had regretted his coming to Chelsea.

Potter intends to get Mudryk into the team, potentially as soon as this weekend at Leicester, and says it is simply a bedding in period in a new country, new league and having not played for some time when he was signed.

‘Every player wants to play and it’s important that players play to improve, I think that’s a fact,’ Potter told a press conference. ‘But at the same time, it’s not a straight road, it’s not just a play and everything happens in a linear way. Sometimes you have to take a step away.

‘Sometimes you just need a bit of training time, you need a breather. Lots of factors. Hopefully, he can benefit from the time he’s had. It’s not easy for him to just arrive in the middle of pre-season for him and to come into a new country, new club, new league, and just hit his absolute maximum level.

‘It’s regardless of the fee, I know people will look at the fee but it doesn’t change the situation he is in. So we’re positive about him. We’re positive about the future for him. But we need just to help them settle and help him understand what he needs to do to help us.’

The Blues have been struggling with injuries all season and their problems continue as Raheem Sterling has picked up a hamstring problem ahead of the Leicester meeting on Saturday.

That could offer a chance for Mudryk to play, which Potter says is a possibility.

‘He certainly comes into the equation,’ said the manager. ‘He will be in the squad tomorrow and there is a chance he can play.’

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