Graham Potter compared himself to Liverpool Klopp and Man City Guardiola: What he said

In a pre match interview yesterday, Chelsea boss Graham Potter has compared himself to top EPL coaches the likes of Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp saying people also doubted them too.

Here is a detailed transcript of what he said;

“You have to understand it’s part of the job. You have to look at my colleagues in a similar position, Pep was criticized in his first season, Mikel [Arteta], Jurgen Klopp in his early seasons.

“Football is emotional and when you lose you don’t think about it, you feel it: the pain, discomfort. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the why and it’s easier to blame somebody. I’m not saying I’ve been perfect but it’s always very complex.

“You try to put it into perspective and remember I am capable. The results haven’t been good enough for us and you have to respect and deal with that.” 

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