Graham Potter addresses troubling Mason Mount contract situation; Here is what he said

Graham Potter addresses troubling Mason Mount contract situation; Here is what he said.

Mason Mount is not having an easy contract situation at Chelsea now and it is affecting his stay and today Potter has given a brief on his contract situation and he said;

Aside from Chelsea problems with winning matches and getting into the top 4 again before the season ends, another problem they are facing right now is the contract situation of Mason Mount, and although Chelsea wants to keep him it is not looing very much like that now.

Potter, as ever, basically says he knows nothing about it and has nothing to do with it. But in this case, he also added some worrying commentary about Mason having to do right by his family.

“It’s between the club and Mason. I’ve spoken to him several times about life in general. My feelings for Mason are clear and I think he’s a fantastic person. But sometimes these things happen. There complicated and it’s best I speak little about it,” the coach said in quotes picked up by Football London.

“I’m not naive and I know it’s an important contract for him. These things have to be right for him and his family and it’s important he makes the right choice for him.”

That is perhaps a hint that Mount has expressed doubts to Potter. There’s a whole information war going on in the background about how much he’s asking for, and we really pray that this doesn’t get ugly, whatever happens next.

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