GOOD NEWS: Here is exactly when Chelsea will appoint and announce Pochettino as the new coach

GOOD NEWS: Here is exactly when Chelsea will appoint and announce Pochettino as the new coach.

Chelsea have probably landed on their final decision for a coach and it could be the ex Tottenham coach and he will be getting announced soon.

He wants the job, he’s got experience and seems a relatively safe choice. There is no rush to get him in, although the sooner it’s done the sooner he can get to work on planning for next season. He wouldn’t take charge of games until after the season, but could be involved in planning and strategy before then.

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The Independent have today written that there’s “growing expectation” that he will be the new manager, and that “the possibility of a contract being signed this week hasn’t been completely ruled out.”

They do also make clear that lines of communication with other candidates – likely including Burnley boss Vincent Kompany – are being kept open, in case talks with Pochettino break down.

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There is always the hovering risk that Real Madrid will decide to swoop for the former Spurs boss, which is likely encouraging Chelsea to push a deal through sooner rather than later.

The piece claims that Chelsea have twice tried to appoint Pochettino before – perhaps the third time will be the charm.

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