Didier Drogba involved in a huge fight with Chelsea owner Todd Boehly over his comment; Here is what he said

Didier Drogba involved in a huge fight with Chelsea owner Todd Boehly over his comment; Here is what he said.

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba have made some comments which is viewed in the best interest of the club when talking about the latest Choice of a coach for Chelsea and this did not go down well with Chelsea owner and of course a former Chelsea captain and they have clapped back

His comments have received mixed reactions really from the Chelsea fanbase, but the majority of them at least understand where he is coming from and what he is saying, as does former Chelsea captain Frank Leboeuf, even though he doesn’t necessarily agree with the comments or would ever say that about Chelsea himself.

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And he has explained this and much more in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea column for Si & Dan Talk Chelsea this week.

Let us have a look at what Drogbba had said;

Drogba. He said: “I knew this club with a certain class during the [Roman] Abramovich era, but today I find it lacking. It’s very hard for me to see how they got rid of certain people.

“There is a new owner and a new vision. Of course, we try to compare it with what happened during the Abramovich era where a lot of players were brought in, but the decisions were very intelligent.

“Bringing in players like Cech, Shevchenko, Crespo, Essien, Drogba, Malouda. It was done to win titles. They are players with a certain experience. The strategy is now different; we bet on young players. But a dressing room of over 30 players is difficult for a manager.

“They should go back to the principles and values they had. I no longer recognize my club.”

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Now lets look at what Frank have to say as he disagrees with the comment Drogba have made and he said;

He said: “I would never say that personally because Chelsea is my club. The club is not represented by the board for me, the club is represented by the fans, and the club belongs to the fans. They know the history of it.

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“So saying that he no longer recognises the club that he used to play for, I wouldn’t say that because Chelsea is Chelsea, and owners will come and go. But I understand what Drogba means, even if I cannot agree with him.”

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