Chelsea now on track to secure top 4 position; Tottenham Coach Antonio Conte fearfully admits

Chelsea now on track to secure top 4 position; Tottenham Coach Antonio Conte fearfully admits in a new Interview.

In a new interview, Tottenham coach Antonio Conte have admitted to the fact that Chelsea is on their way to secure the top 4 position in the EPL and here is why.

“We know very well the race for a place in Champions League will be really, really tough. You see the competitors,” Conte stated to reporters after his side beat Nottingham Forest at the weekend.

“You see there are many, many teams involved and I think in this moment there is only one place available because Man City and Arsenal are fighting to win the Premier League and Man United I think are showing they have great continuity of good results. I think there is one place and there are many teams, many important teams that are in this race.

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“We have to try to do our best and for sure I repeat for us to finish in the top four is like to win the Premier League. It happen last season and I spoke about miracle.

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“I continue to say maybe this season it be much more difficult, much more difficult because Liverpool is a competitor in this race. Newcastle is a competitor and Newcastle is a different Newcastle to the past. They invest a lot of money and they have a strong team.

“You see Chelsea and what happened there and their position, but I don’t consider Chelsea outside [the top-four race]. They have the possibility to win the last 11 or 12 games in a row because the squad is really, really strong.

“But we need to think about ourselves. A top club looks at themselves, not to other results.”

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