Chelsea attacker Christian Pulisic insists Chelsea top 4 can happen; Here is everything he said

Chelsea attacker Christian Pulisic insists Chelsea top 4 can happen; Here is everything he said.

Chelsea can still get to the top 4 position given the fact that Chelsea is going up against the most fierce teams in the EPL now but somehow Pulisic thinks top 4 is still possible.

Pulisic told “It was tough to take, to be honest. We had a really strong week last week, a couple of wins in a row, and we thought we had another one. We have to learn from it and bounce back after the break.

“We have built on our confidence. I like the way we are playing in a lot of ways. Saturday was unfortunate but yes, we can be proud of overcoming that tough spell we had and we are trying to look forward.”

On the top four, he continued: “If you string a couple of wins together, it’s possible. We still have to play the teams above us. Anything is possible, and we are going to keep fighting.”

Chelsea’s new recruits still need time to adapt and gel, and that is something the Pulisic also believes.

“It is normal, we have been getting to know each other. We have so many players in the squad and I think we are developing, you can see it on the pitch. Enzo and [Mateo] Kovacic, playing so well together. It is starting to click. We still have a long way to go but you can see the improvement.

“That is what happens when you bring in new players – and we have brought in a lot – and you can now see the improvement. We go out with the team for meals and stuff and spend a lot of time together. So we do anything that can help, for sure. They are all good guys off the pitch and we are trying to translate that onto the pitch.”

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