BREAKING: Pat Nevin calls for Chelsea to take an immediate action on new manager; Here is everything he said

BREAKING: Pat Nevin calls for Chelsea to take an immediate action on new manager; Here is everything he said.

Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin is not taking any chances and he has instructed the Chelsea board to take an immediate step on the new coach Pochettino before its too late.

Mauricio Pochettino is expected to be soon confirmed as new manager, though negotiations are dragging on.

Nevin wrote for “When that post is eventually officially filled there is quite a job of work to be done, but it will be clear that putting Chelsea back as contenders again will be the expectation in a decently shortish amount of time.

“It is still a tall order to do that right away, considering how far we have slipped down the table, but it is far from impossible. Few would argue that there is a lack of talent in the squad, especially when you include those whose loan periods are just about to finish.

“We do need a manager who is clearly excited about some of the young players we have at the club, and about his own ability to develop them into a coherent and well-balanced unit.

“Certain managers like to come to a top club, buy a whole bunch of ready-made top-class players and go from there. Some can do this well but for others that is almost secondary to the joy of maximising the talent of emerging footballers that can be moulded a bit and allowed to flourish. The best managers can do both jobs simultaneously.

“The new coach will decide what he needs to do at the club right away. From developing the players he wants, to allowing those he feels he doesn’t need to go. He also has to pinpoint a few that he feels the club could acquire that will help the all-important balance that any squad needs.

“Certainty and an assured direction is vital now. If the next manager’s name is officially announced soon it will give him a worthwhile period to look at and consider the current squad. He will then have an entire summer, pre-season included, to plan his strategies. These few extra weeks could make a huge difference.”

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