“Arguing with stupid people” Graham Potter reaffirms chat with Chelsea fans and Social media users

“Arguing with stupid people” Graham Potter reaffirms chat with Chelsea fans and Social media users.

Criticism is and will always be part of sport, and these guys know what they sign up for. However, there are many people who take it too far on social media and abuse people, troll them, and target them every single day. This is bound to take it’s toll, and Chelsea manager Graham Potter has been speaking about just that in the latest embargo section of his pre-match Fulham press conference yesterday.

Potter says it’s hard because as human beings you want to be liked, and going on social media after a defeat or a poor performance, can be very difficult.

In comments reported by The Daily Mail, Potter said: “I used to speak about this (social media backlash) with my wife because she would say, ‘It doesn’t do you any good looking at that (social media)’,’ he revealed. ‘It doesn’t do you any good reading comments because you don’t know where it’s come from and there’s a lot of angry people in the world.’

“My ex-chairman said, “There’s no point arguing with stupid people because they’re stupid”. I’m not saying anybody criticising me is stupid at all but you get my point. It’s hard to take anything from it.

“But it’s hard. Human beings want to be liked. In the end, it (looking at social media) doesn’t do you any good and it’s not great for your mental health, and you just have to understand that it’s out there. You don’t listen to the majority of it because you’d be crazy if you did.”

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