Ahead of Dortmund clash, Aguero again makes Enzo Fernandez admission; What he said

Ahead of Dortmund clash, Aguero again makes Enzo Fernandez admission; What he said.

Aguero have opened up about Enzo Fernandez as the time to clash with Dortmund draws closer. It is one thing too many for Chelsea now to win this match and it will be a very important win if they are able to achieve it.

Speaking to Stake, Manchester City legend Aguero said:

“Enzo has shown time and time again, both in his first club River Plate and in the Argentina national team and Benfica, that he does not feel pressure and assumes his responsibility on the pitch naturally. And he no longer has to do with how much he paid for it.”

“We saw it in his Chelsea debut. He made the team play and almost reached the goal. And it was his first game. In the second, he put in a masterful assist for Joao Félix’s goal. He will surely have a very important progression in the Premier League.”

“It is true that this season Liverpool is not at the level of the previous ones. I think the issue of so many injuries hurt their performance. The faster you can get them back, the better chance you have of putting up a fight.”

He further added:

“Chelsea is in a replacement process. It will depend on how long they take to understand the new additions — which were many — so that they begin to get their best game. They have a great coach and although some figures left, with the new ones they make up a great squad.”

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