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Chelsea boss Pochettino demands more from Enzo and Caicedo saying they need to do better

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino admits they need more from midfield pair Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez.

The Blues midfield struggled in defeat at Manchester United in midweek.

Pochettino said: “The relationship in between them needs to improve of course.

“They are young, the expectation is massive when you arrive. Not only the expectation individually but collective expectation as well in a club like Chelsea. It is going to arrive the moment that they are going to know better and to create this relationship that is going to help the team to win games.”

On his reaction to the United defeat, Pochettino said: “It’s difficult because I don’t know the argument, the debate about should they perform better.

“What I can tell you is they are young guys. They came from, Caicedo one season in Brighton and Enzo after three months in Europe, he was in Benfica before arriving to the Premier League.

“Arriving not in the best place to perform quick because they need to be part of the solution. They are not the cherry of the cake. When you arrive in a team that is in a building process and you’re young with not too much experience, even if you have good quality and people can see the club paid big money and only for that you need to perform it not like this football.”

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