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Here is what Romelu Lukaku said to Mauricio Pochettino in their first chat together

Here is what Romelu Lukaku said to Mauricio Pochettino in their first chat together.

Lukaku is involved in a heavy drama right now, one that has seemingly been going on since he returned to Chelsea a couple of seasons back.

His future is still in the air now after he seemingly annoyed Inter Milan by speaking with Juventus about a potential move there this summer rather than Inter.

Chelsea are holding out for their valuation for Lukaku and aren’t fussed which club he goes to as long as the fee is paid, and it’s all just turned into a complete circus to be honest.

But according to Ben Jacobs writing in his latest exclusive and extensive Chelsea for SPTC column today, Lukaku has already spoken to Pochettino this summer.

Chelsea are off on their USA tour today, but Lukaku is not joining them.

Jacobs said: “[Lukaku’s] first chat with Pochettino was to inform him he will turn up for any team meetings this week, but Chelsea’s response was to tell Lukaku to return on Tuesday, the day after the squad fly out. That says it all.

“All summer Lukaku has been preparing for a move away. But in a big twist, Inter have seemingly pulled out the race despite recently preparing a new €35m offer.

“Lukaku has indicated pretty consistently, and for quite some time, he wants to return to Inter. But Inter’s finances have made striking a deal difficult, so Lukaku began talking with Juventus. And that irritated Inter, who for now have withdrawn their interest and may turn their attention instead to Arsenal’s Folarin Balogun.”

What an absolute mess this has turned into, and it’s no surprise that Lukaku is right in the middle of it.

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