BREAKING: Neymar move to Chelsea this summer could happen as Chelsea “just contacted” PSG; Reports

BREAKING: Neymar move to Chelsea this summer could happen as Chelsea “just contacted” PSG; Reports.

Neymar is looking more increasingly like he could be heading to Chelsea this Summer and this is not far from what we have always heard but this is quite different now as Chelsea owner is pushig very very hard for this.

From another corner of Europe comes an exclusive from Le10Sport claiming that we’re in the race for Neymar once again.

This is a surprisingly detailed piece from their editor in chief Alexis Bernard, which makes us more inclined to think there’s something to it.

The piece says that Chelsea have “officially contacted PSG to open negotiations,” and that “Paris is not closed to the idea of letting Neymar leave.” They are keen for a major offensive to sign Bernardo Silva from Manchester City, and this would clear the decks for him perfectly.

Before now it’s always been Chelsea pushing and PSG resisting. Now? It sounds like they’re willing to play ball. They’re clearing out their other stars – Leo Messi and Sergio Ramos – and setting the whole operation up to serve Kylian Mbappe as well as possible. Sporting director Luis Campos is said to have signed off on the idea in principle.

The other question will be about Chelsea’s finances – but we just have no idea where they will stand after a few further weeks of this particularly frenzied part of the window. We can well believe that we’ve opened official channels for talks over Neymar (clearly we’ve made up with our equivalents in Paris after the nasty business over the weekend with Manuel Ugarte) and there’s no way of telling where those talks could lead over the summer.

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