Again Lampard protects Enzo from Chelsea fans ahead of Man UTD game; Here is what he said

Again Lampard protects Enzo from Chelsea fans ahead of Man UTD game; Here is what he said.

The €120m January signing has impressed at times in a struggling team.

“Enzo gets it,” said Lampard. “He gets what’s required in training, he gets what’s required to be a Chelsea player, he’s got a high talent himself. Some players just get it. When you work with someone you understand it pretty quickly and he gets it.

“With Enzo I’ve been impressed with him as a player, his attitude to training, his attitude to games, his determination and something about him, when he doesn’t speak the language much at all, but he’s learning fast.

“I’ve got a lot of faith that Enzo will be a big part of what happens here in the future of the club. So I feel for him a little bit that he has come in at this time, but I don’t feel for him that much because he’s had a massive move to the Premier League, he’s won the World Cup. He should be sitting back at the end of this season quite rightly putting his feet up and saying: ‘what a year’. But in terms of how he can affect the future, I think he’ll be central to the future.”

Of his best positon, Lampard continued: “My personal view of Enzo is that he could play in probably all the midfield roles, but I think seeing him train and play and getting a feeling for him, he probably has more to offer than to be a single-six, as much as he can play as a double-six, where he can join into the game more, and play as an eight, and offer the really good attributes he’s got across his game.

“That’s my personal opinion and I’ve not actually asked him that question, because in my time here it’s been a fact that he’s been the most natural six out of a midfield which doesn’t have so many natural sixes, in my opinion. So that’s where Enzo’s played and fair play to him, he’s never once said to me that’s not for him, because that’s what his attitude’s like, to do the best for the team.

“But I think going forward he can join into the game a lot more. We saw little bits of it against Manchester City, where he played in the double-six. He ended up slightly higher up the pitch and he’s got a really good eye to play forward.

“At the minute that’s something we as a team have not been doing enough in my opinion, playing forward and being more direct in our game higher up the pitch, finding passes that really test the opposition. Enzo can play that pass, so being up the pitch is a good thing for him too.”


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