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Thiago Silva speaks on Chelsea owners ‘indecision’ and calls for a ‘strategy’; Here is everything he said

Thiago Silva speaks on Chelsea owners ‘indecision’ and calls for a ‘strategy’; Here is everything he said.

The managerial indecision at Chelsea is obviously one of the reasons things are going horribly wrong with them to say the least and this is not rocket science.

We’ve now started to have some of the players speaking out about it, one of which is vice-captain Thiago Silva, who cut a very disappointed and frustrated figure after his side got knocked out of the Champions League last night, losing 4-0 to Real Madrid on aggregate.

In words picked up by The Metro, Silva speaks about the owners ‘indecision’ and calls for them to have more of a ‘strategy’ going forward, leaning on the fact that the squad is far too big right now.

“We can’t be blaming the managers if we don’t take responsibility. It’s a hard period for the club, with a lot of indecision.

“Change of ownership, new players arriving – we had to increase the size of the changing room because it didn’t fit the size of the squad.

“A positive point is that there are amazing players in the squad but on the other hand there are always players that are going to be unhappy.

“There is always going to be someone upset because not everyone can play.

‘The manager can only pick 11 from a squad of 30-something – that’s tough.

“Some can’t make the squad, we signed eight in January, we need to stop and put a strategy in place otherwise next season we could make the same mistakes.”

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