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UPDATE: Why I even took the Chelsea job again; Chelsea caretaker Frank Lampard opens up

UPDATE: Why I even took the Chelsea job again; Chelsea caretaker Frank Lampard opens up.

For someone who have been sacked and called back to the club and he accepted the offer again you might wonder why he tool the job and here is why;

Although we all know that Lampard loves Chelsea and he is not about to joke with the club in any way  but this is as far as it goes because he is not actually joking with Chelsea and he loves the club too to the extent he could drop anything to  be with them when they need him and this was what he just did

He stated during a press conference: “If the owners, people that work here, decision-makers, medical, kit men and anybody wants to speak to me about anything: my job here is to try and affect it positively.

“If I know before, great. But this club wants to move forward so it’s a case of how can we get better? I will be absolutely happy to have all those conversations. But my priority is trying to get results on the pitch.”

He added: “The conversations I have had with the decision-makers and people running the club have all been really positive.

“You get an understanding of a club that has a vision and wants to move forward, now of course this is about people and people working in the right direction and collaborating and talking and trying to find the right way. That’s the sense I’ve had coming here.

“Of course at the moment we are in a position where it is part of the process. That’s fine. I keep saying the same thing but I’m ready to play my part in that process and I would be very honest and open with everybody. I know the club, I think that’s a positive coming into this role now.”

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