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‘Full story’ – Here is what Frank Lampard said about his time as Everton manager after Chelsea return

‘Full story’ – Here is what Frank Lampard said about his time as Everton manager after Chelsea return.

Frank Lampard who is now Chelsea new interim coach have opened up about his time managing Everton and he is not very very happy during his time.

Lampard spent a year as Everton supremo between January 2022-23. He secured Premier League survival last season but was axed earlier this campaign with the club sitting in the relegation zone

And as he returns to Chelsea, having spent most of his playing career at Stamford Bridge and managed them for 18 months previously, Lampard still has good memories of his time on Merseyside.

Now speaking after his return he have this to say about his time at Everton.

Via Football.London, he said: “It’s probably too long an answer in a way to give you the full story. But I reflected on having an amazing year at Everton personally. It’s always an honour to manage a club of that status, like it is for me to be sitting here, because it’s a huge football club. We had an amazing moment together, staying in the Premier League, which will absolutely stick with me for a long time because of what it meant to the people of Everton, my employers at Everton, the team, everything.

“So that was a good period and of course, when I leave the club, there are things where you think ‘I wish that could have changed…’ But as I said before, every different managerial job will have all those things that every manager will reflect on and then they move forwards onto their next opportunity.

“So I don’t sit on it with too much thinking this and that, it’d be useless to do. It’d be very easy in hindsight to sit and say ‘I could have done this, I could have done that,’ I think that’s useless too.

“Can you think about how you can get better? Yeah. But you can also reflect on things and say that in that six months, it was a challenge to stay up and we managed to stay up in a difficult moment. So there are things I sort of throw around in my head but it’s only with a view to getting better going forwards.”

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