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John Terry angrily responds to suggestion that he’s getting ready to host Chelsea match

John Terry angrily responds to suggestion that he’s getting ready to host Chelsea match.

Tonight’s episode of Match of the Day won’t have any pundits, BBC commentators or interviews from players or managers.


Well, host Gary Lineker was removed from his position after comparing the British government to “Germany in the 30s.”

“The BBC has been in extensive discussions with Gary and his team in recent days.

“We have said that we consider his recent social media activity to be a breach of our guidelines.

“The BBC has decided that he will step back from presenting Match of the Day until we’ve got an agreed and clear position on his use of social media.

“When it comes to leading our football and sports coverage, Gary is second to none.

“We have never said that Gary should be an opinion free zone, or that he can’t have a view on issues that matter to him, but we have said that he should keep well away from taking sides on party political issues or political controversies.”

They couldn’t have imagined what was about to happen.

Pundits Ian Wright and Alan Shearer responded by also pulling out. It quickly became clear that absolutely nobody wanted to be part of the programme.

John Terry responds to claim he’ll host Match of the Day

Before it became apparent that Match of the Day would go ahead without a host, fans were wondering who would replace Lineker.

And comedian – and singer of Three Lions – David Baddiel decided to take aim at a certain John Terry.

In reference to the Chelsea legend stripping into a full Chelsea kit when the club won the 2012 Champions League despite not playing, Baddiel joked: “I wonder if, somewhere, John Terry is practicing using an autocue.”

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