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Mudryk assures Chelsea fans of his undying commitment to the club and his will to see them succeed; What he said

New Chelsea signing Mudryk has assured Chelsea that he is totally committed to the club growth and well being as he is looking to improve himself in many ways that is needed of him and not just in scoring but in being a  better teammate to his fellow Chelsea team players.

Although there was rumor’s flying around that the winger is not happy for joining Chelsea and he had wished he joined Arsenal but this is in no way true given the recent attitude of the player.

In an interview while speaking to Football Ramble Podcast: “Unfortunately, at Chelsea now he’s not in a good mood, Mykhailo as well, but he has all the qualities to be one of the best players in the Premier League in the next couple of years.”

Instagram user @yugiizman commented on a Mudryk Instagram post: “Hello @mmudryk10 are you happy with Chelsea now?” The winger responded with a reply, saying: “Yes.”

He then posted a photo of himself lifting weights in the gym, wearing a hoodie that stated “Talent Ain’t Enough” and the caption “If u know what I’m talking about…”

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