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EPL NEWS: Mikel Arteta started same way in Arsenal as Graham Potter at Chelsea; Give Potter time he will do well

EPL NEWS: Mikel Arteta started same way in Arsenal as Graham Potter at Chelsea; Give Potter time he will do well.

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has given his honest verdict on Chelsea comparisons with Graham Potter and his early Arsenal start as the stats look almost identical.

There has been comparisons between Chelsea coach Graham Potter and Arsenal coach Arteta with comparisons to how they started in their respective clubs and with Arteta doing almost as bad as Potter in his first season but there was trust built on him and also support, he is on the way to claim the EPL title this season with the same team and a few new signing.

One even coming from the same Chelsea.

When it was Arteta’s turn to struggle at Arsenal we could recall fans asking and calling for him to be sacked by the Arsenal board saw his drive and decided to keep him and surprisingly it is the best Choice ever made by them in the past few seasons and this could also be the case with Chelsea.

Therefore the argument that Potter could be left at Chelsea to finish his project does not look all that far fetched now.

As per WAGNH, Potter recently said:

“Two years into Mikel’s reign, he’s close to getting the sack and people are wanting him out and it’s a disaster. Obviously now things have changed a little bit but that’s just the way it is.

“If you look at Jürgen [Klopp]’s situation, they [Liverpool] haven’t got the results and all of a sudden people want him out. That’s just the nature of football.”

And in the same report, Arteta’s response was: “With me [Arsenal] were really supportive. But at the end you have to win football matches because you know that if the run continues that it is unsustainable.

“I knew I had to win against Norwich and win against Burnley, and then everything helps and the environment starts to get better, everybody is more confident and you can keep going. We depend on results, unfortunately.”

And yes, one could say he is right by what he said.

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