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Graham Potter Exposes WhatsApp chats with Antonio Conte as He comes under-fire to win Tottenham

Graham Potter Exposes WhatsApp chats with Antonio Conte as He comes under-fire to win Tottenham.

Graham Potter has been under fire to win Tottenham and this is the right time to not get sacked at Chelsea if he should win Tottenham and amid all these Antonio Conte has sent him a reassuring message to raise his head high.

The Blues boss revealed how Conte — who won the title and FA Cup at Chelsea — reached out offering advice to him as a young coach forging his path.

Potter, who on Friday laid bare the sickening emails he received wishing him and his family dead, said: “I spoke to him when I was at Brighton and we’ve had conversations.

“We have kept in contact from a distance. He’s someone I’ve admired a lot as a coach.

“I like how his teams are organised and then when you meet him, he’s a gentleman.

“He has the passion but he has always been good to me.

“It was about doing your best today and not necessarily thinking too much about the future or the past.

“It was something that was on his WhatsApp message.

“I think it was when they beat us — he didn’t send any when we’d won!”

He added: “Antonio has had an amazing career and I have huge respect for him as a coach and also as a man — I really like him.

“I’ll be missing Antonio and I wish him a speedy recovery.

“Do I respect his fiery side? Absolutely, yes. Because he is himself and I don’t look at how he is and look down on him in any way.

“Anyone who is a different person to me, I don’t think, ‘Oh, I’m better than them’, because that totally isn’t true.

“The best person to be Antonio Conte is Antonio Conte. The best person to be Graham Potter is Graham Potter. That’s just how I see it.

“Everyone is different and you can’t help who you are. That’s just life.

“Of course, you can play a role and you can do stuff but you have to be yourself. However, it isn’t nice then when people start to criticise you for being you — because I can’t help being me.

“And it’s certainly gone well. I started off in the ninth tier of English football so it’s not so easy to get to this point.

“You have to have some resilience, passion, emotion, courage — something that gets you to this point.”

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