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Graham Potter subjects Chelsea players to a punishment session at Cobham ahead of Southampton

Graham Potter have stated that it is a must win match on Saturday against Southampton as Chelsea players undergo Punishment.

After loosing to Dortmund it is clear that Potter is not happy and so are the Chelsea players and in response to this he has subjected the players to rigorous training sessions at Cobham to make sure he secures a win against Southampton on Saturday.

Graham Potter ran his players through their paces – presumably at a pretty low tempo given the game yesterday, with those who didn’t play getting more of a run around.

— Pys (@CFCPys) February 16, 2023

It was great to see the likes of Denis Zakaria and Mateo Kovacic with the group – they’re surely ready for some minutes this weekend after frustrating injuries to both of them.

It wasn’t a punishment as far as we know – and in fact a lot of the players look to be enjoying themselves. It’s just all part of the new rhythm of the season after we return to 2 games a week (albeit perhaps for only one week).

It’s a true must win on Saturday.

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