VIDEO: Cucurella ‘ignores’ Mudryk during West Ham vs Chelsea; This has got fans talking

A new video of the flop Chelsea defender Cucurella acting like his fellow Chelsea teammates does not exist has surfaced online and it got many talking

Tribuna posted a meme which suggested that Cucurella deliberately ignored passing the ball to Mudryk in favour of his teammates.

Mudryk ‘liked’ the post, per the Sun, but later unliked it.

It may have been a mistake from Mudryk but it seems it was a case of ‘there’s no smoke without fire.’

Time and time again, Cucurella has the ball and the obvious pass appears to be to Mudryk.

However, he inexplicably decides against it every time. Every time you think that SURELY he’d pass to Mudryk this time but somehow never does.

VIDEO: Cucurella ‘ignores’ Mudryk during West Ham vs Chelsea


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