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Joao Felix opens up about his stay at Chelsea, hints at Tomorrow West Ham clash; Here is hat he said

Joao Felix opens up about his stay at Chelsea, hints at Tomorrow West Ham clash; Here is hat he said.

Joao has found it increasingly easy settling down at Chelsea than he had ever felt in any of the places he has played for and he made this known as much.

In a pre match interview he said;

“It’s really good. Just like Madrid, it’s a really nice place to live. It’s a great city. Chelsea’s training ground is terrific, too. It’s close to where I live. To be honest, my daily life here is very similar to what it was like in Madrid.

“It’s a top club, as we all know. It’s really, really well set up; it has everything. There are a lot of people surrounding the team who make sure that everything’s going well, and that’s really helpful. It’s a very well structured club.

“(Chelsea’s wealth) is very noticeable. Because of the signings that are brought in, because of everything. It’s also a club that’s changing on the inside; they’re bringing in new people and are in a process of change. It’s clear that this is a club with a lot of money.

“It’s been a different experience, because when I joined Atlético Madrid, I was a lot younger. I was 19. Now I’m 23, and I’ve settled in right from the off. I knew some of my team-mates already, and that made things easier.”

On fellow new signing Enzo Fernandez, Felix also said: “He’s a really good lad. He’s integrated into the group really well. He arrived two days before a game and started playing from the off. He performed really well. He’s a terrific player.

“Football has changed and it’s going to be normal to see players bought for 80, 90, 100, 110 million… He’s worth that kind of money because he’s a young lad, he’s a very good player and there’s so much scope for him to get better and better. He’s most likely going to be one of the best central midfielders in Europe.”

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