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EXPOSED: Joao Felix revealed what Graham Potter told him on his arrival at Chelsea; What he said

Joao Felix was a much anticipated transfer for Chelsea and although he just arrived on a loan deal, he is a very important player in Chelsea squad now.

Upon his much anticipated arrival, there have been many upbeat in hopes and expectations given his price tag and professionalism and then here is what Potter told him too as he arrived.

Potter will be pleased with the arrivals in the winter market, especially in attack. He is now able to work with top quality players like Joao Felix, who has done an extensive recent interview with AS in Spain this week.

One of the things Felix spoke about what how Potter was with him when he arrived and what he said to him.

Felix said: “On the first days he [Potter] called me into his locker room. We were talking about his idea of play, the idea of play he had for me. He explained to me how the team plays, what they do. I really liked that he interacted with me. You can tell he is a very good person and a great coach.”

So there you have it, Potter gets the Joao Felix approval, and it’s interesting to hear about these conversations and what was spoken about.

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